Medical services for foreign patients

Address of the largest medical center of TAMС: Waizman 14 Street, 1 floor. It is the center of Israel 's capital, Tel Aviv.

If you or your family members are faced with a terrible diagnosis of cancer or another disease, about which you have doubts, there are many difficulties. It is necessary to choose a reliable, high-quality medical institution for further examination, to study possible approaches to treatment, to choose the optimal option.

The international medical institution with world fame - Tel Aviv Medical Clinic - is famous for highly qualified specialists who can suggest the best way to solve the problem. Doctors of the highest category will give answers to all questions, professional consultants will organize a record to experienced experts in the field of medicine, will provide full support, taking into account the individual needs of the patient.

List of services of Tel Aviv Medical Center

The provision of care to patients from all over the world begins with the primary consultation of a specialist. A personal meeting with a qualified doctor is held at the TAMС clinic. If the patient is unable to arrive in Tel Aviv to attend the clinic, he can use the expert 's remote consultation service. The results will be sent to the customer in an email or standard email.

Representatives in the field of patient care agree on the time of medical care of the client directly with him, his relatives or representatives. The patient does not need to be referred by his doctor. From the coordinators of the clinic, the patient can get all answers to his questions concerning health insurance, documentation, cost of services.

A team of qualified doctors is ready to work with the patient, regardless of stage, type of disease. Representatives of the clinic provide comprehensive support for patients throughout their stay in the hospital. They will talk about such important nuances:

  • What accommodation options are available for Tel Aviv Medical Clinic patients and their relatives;
  • How to get to the airport, from the airport;
  • What is a letter of invitation required to obtain a visa;
  • How to get 24-hour translator support.

Benefits of treatment in TAMС

The Tel Aviv Medical Clinic facility is the oldest, largest private medical center. For sixty years the clinic has carried out the high-quality diagnosis, treatment of people suffering from various pathological disorders, including oncological diseases. Cancer treatment is the main specialization of the center. He received the title of Comprehensive Cancer Medical Institution from the National Cancer Institute, the main government organization in the United States of America for the study of cancer.

For twenty-five years, the U.S. News & World Report Agency has characterized Tel Aviv Medical Center as one of Israel 's advanced cancer centers.

The hospital is the country 's leader in the category of children 's clinics specializing in the treatment of cancer in children. All patients receive high-quality service of professional medical personnel: doctors, nurses, diagnoses, specialists of narrow categories. Thanks to close cooperation, they make the only correct diagnosis, choose the most effective treatment program based on a specific disease.

Comfortable conditions, comprehensive care allow us to increase the chances of complete treatment of the patient, to improve the quality of his life.

Choose Tel Aviv Medical Clinic 's largest center based on a number of its benefits:


  • Surgeons of the highest category. The number of surgical interventions in the TAM clinic carried out by surgeons is many times higher than the number of operations carried out in other Israeli medical institutions. Experts have a lot of experience, they are real professionals in the field of resection of the most complex pathologies, neoplasms, with which other medical institutions refuse to work;
  • Use of the latest technologies. The TAM clinic is fully equipped with expensive, robotic surgical platforms, complex technological systems that allow for high-quality imaging. With the help of innovative tools, doctors monitor the progress of the operation, its effectiveness in real-time;
  • Teamwork. During the surgical intervention, a team of several specialists of different directions is formed: oncologists, surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, neurologists, and other doctors. This makes it possible to get a diverse view of the progress of the operation, to achieve the highest results.

Bone marrow and stem cell transplantation

  • The clinic employs the most experienced specialists in the bone marrow and stem cell transplantation. They have world fame, the highest qualification;
  • During the years of the clinic, thousands of transplant operations were carried out, after which patients fully recovered, returning to a healthy life;
  • When transplanted, the risk of infection is high, so hospital experts carefully monitor the health of patients, maintain the immune system until it is fully restored;
  • Thanks to innovative tests to detect infectious processes at an early stage with high sensitivity, the beginning of their development is determined before the first signs appear;
  • Specialists of the clinic buy the probability of development of deadly rejection after transplantation with the help of the independently developed technique of prevention of negative reaction of the organism to the transplanted element.

Pediatrics of the highest level

  • The Tel Aviv Medical Clinic medical institution provides the most effective, productive treatment to little patients. The TAM Children 's Cancer Program is recognized as the largest in its category in the entire country;
  • The clinic has a specialized research laboratory where work is underway to create alternative treatments for cancer in children. Many of these were first used in TAMС but are now used worldwide;
  • For each patient, a team of specialists develops an individual treatment program during the consultation. This contributes to improving the effectiveness of therapy. Specialists of the clinic do everything to justify the trust of parents, returning the child to the joy of a healthy life;
  • Many of the techniques used in the hospital are not available in other health facilities due to the lack of specialized expensive equipment or experience with them;
  • Specialists provide support to the baby 's family during his stay in the clinic, advise parents, inform about all changes.


  • The modern approach is recognized as the most promising in the fight against cancer. The principle of immunotherapy is based on the use of the body 's forces in the fight against cancer cells. At Tel Aviv Medical Clinic, patients are led by leading scientists, qualified physicians;
  • The laboratories of the clinic are constantly researching to increase the efficiency of using immunotherapy;
  • Immunologists, scientists of the medical center took an active part in the creation, testing of inhibitors of the checkpoint. These are drugs that can stimulate the immune system by increasing its attack on malignant cells.

Carrying out genomic researches

  • The clinic carries out a genomic sequence of tests of extreme complexity - TAMC-IMPACT ™. It can be used exclusively by patients of the medical center. Through the development of TAMС Hospital researchers, a test was created to allow scanning of human DNA, detecting the presence of abnormalities, genetic mutations caused by cancer diseases;
  • With the help of the test specialists exclude therapeutic methods that will not bring results in this individual case;
  • The use of the latest clinical developments in the targeted treatment of abnormalities found in the patient 's neoplasm brings enormous success;
  • The use of personalized medicine in the fight against cancer increases the chances of full recovery of the patient.

Providing comprehensive patient care

  • Tel Aviv Medical Clinic is a comprehensive medical facility. It takes into account all patient needs, not only medical needs;
  • If necessary, the patient receives additional advice from qualified doctors: dietician, dermatologist, rehabilitologist, psychologist, music therapist, and other experts.

How to contact TAMC

You can contact the representatives of the blade using the e-mail box - The telephone number for communication with the blade office is +972 733746844. 24-Hour Customer Support Tel Aviv Medical Clinic + 972 523373108 - WhatsApp, Viber. Communication via WeChat is available Sunday through Friday, 7-30 to 22-00, UTC 2 time zone.

If necessary, the clinic will provide a specialist with the help of an interpreter. The client needs to wait on the line for some time while the translator is found. To avoid waiting, it is enough to send a pre-mail to the mailbox, with the time of call and information about the client 's native language. The translator will wait at the specified time.

Postal address

Tel Aviv Medical Clinic (Palace Medical)

Weizman 14 Street, 1st floor

Tel Aviv, Israel 64239