Important aspects of financial information for foreign patients

In case of questions from foreign clients regarding insurance, finance, they need to find out information from the financial consultants of the medical center.

Representatives of the clinic are aware of the importance of cost planning. They try to qualified assistance in solving financial issues, to plan the most accurate expenditure list according to the required services.

How much the first appointment with the doctor costs

The initial consultation may have different prices. The payment includes consideration of the client 's medical data by the specialist, direct discussion of the expert, a set of standard diagnostic procedures assigned based on the received information. 

After the appointment is appointed, the coordinator will announce the cost of the service. Payment must be made beforehand.

At the first reception, the doctor may recommend any additional studies. It 's a computer tomography, x-ray examination, magnetic resonance imaging, different blood tests. The cost of further diagnostics is not included in the payment of the first admission.

You can get a calculation of the cost of additional services of independent specialists in a letter or by e-mail.

Prices for additional consultations vary depending on the individual characteristics of the situation. 

The patient should carry all medical documentation, results of laboratory examination, X-rays. 

Specialists of the medical center will carry out a detailed review of the data submitted. Payment is due before the start of the review. To obtain detailed information about the clinic services, their prices, and features, it is enough to contact consultants for working with patients.

Calculation of cost of treatment

Based on the doctor 's initial visit, an individual calculation plan is formed. It is based on a therapeutic program, a set of corrective measures recommended by the attending doctor of the clinic. According to the financial rules of the medical institution, the full amount of payment should be paid to the clinic before the start of therapy.

We prepare accurate calculations without hiding costs. In some cases, the actual cost of treatment is higher than or less than the amount calculated. We realize that unforeseen expenses cause stress in the patient and his relatives, so we try to figure the plan with maximum accuracy. If you have any financial questions, please contact Patient Services.

How you can pay for treatment

For payment, the main types of credit cards, bank or traveler's checks, electronic bank transfers are used, cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin,TRX coin and Asla coin). To transfer fundsvia electronic bank transfer, use our instructions.

If the Embassy of your State provides financial assistance, the bill for the treatment of TAMС will be issued to the Embassy.

Features of insurance

Insurance Features Tel Aviv Medical Clinic Medical Center collaborates with several international insurance organizations. For information about health insurance, you should write an email to the or ask the patient coordinator.

What you need to know about bank statements

The clinic issues statements in two formats:

  • The first statement includes medical treatment fees. It is named: Statement of Accounts for Physical Services - statement of account for medical services. The patient receives this document every month;
  • The second statement format includes non-medical costs. Among them: payment to nurses/medical brothers for the care of the patient, operation of the hospital room. In inpatient treatment, the document is called the Tel Aviv Medical Clinic - TAMC Inpatient Statement of Accounts Inpatients. It will be sent to the patient fourteen days after discharge. For outpatient patients, statements are sent every month. The document is called TAMC Hospital Outgoing Statement of Accounts - an account statement for outpatient patients.

The statements contain important information about the inactive status of the account, and the funds transferred, the new account for medical care. If you have insurance from an organization with which the clinic does not cooperate, patients can send an extract to the insurance company. It reimburses the customer. Specialized financial consultants of the medical institution of TAMS will be pleased to assist in the registration of the necessary papers. For answers, please call +972 733746844

How the clinic returns overpayment

If the actual cost of treating the patient were less than indicated in the original plan, the hospital would return the remaining funds in full. The return period does not exceed five weeks from the moment of patient discharge.

When paying for services using a credit card, the remaining money is returned to the account for one calendar year from the moment of transfer of funds to the account of the clinic. In other cases, the overpayment amount is returned through an electronic bank transfer.

Patients who plan to re-apply to TAMC can leave the money in the account of the center in full or partial amount.

Feedback Contacts

Email Medical Center:

Clinic Office Phone Number: +972 733746844

24-hour support service: +972 523373108 - Viber, WhatsApp

WeChat - from Sunday to Friday from 7-30 to 22-00 UTC + 2 time zone time

Translation services are available for all clients who call the medical center. The client waits on the line for a while until the translator connects. To warn about the call and the need for an interpreter, email The letter indicate the time of the call and the language you speak.

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