Appointment for foreign patients of the clinic

Tel Aviv Medical Clinic works closely with clients from all over the world to ensure their registration with the right specialist, to provide a complex of services based on individual needs and preferences.

Representatives are pleased to give full support to people who have a desire to visit a specialist at the TAM Medical Center, but are not permanent citizens of Israel, live in other States. They are aware of the need and urgency of the situation, so they are doing everything possible to register the patient with the doctor shortly.

Entry for a reception for foreign patients: instruction

To get to an appointment with highly qualified specialists of Tel Aviv Medical Clinic you or your loved ones need to act as follows:

  • Send a completed appointment request to a doctor at a specific time. Applying is a required step. The patient needs to enter all the data, send a request to the electronic mailbox of the clinic. After receiving the application by one of the coordinators of the Department of Care for Foreign Patients, he will call you back or send a reply letter to the mail. The answer comes within 24 hours;
  • Provision of medical documentation. The coordinator working with you provides a list of medical records that will be required to register for the first appointment with a doctor. In addition to the medical report, X-rays, laboratory examinations, results of instrumental diagnostics should be attached.

The recommended language for documentation is English. If the documents are in a different language, the translators of Tel Aviv Medical Clinic will do the translation themselves. With the help of a personal MyTAMC, the client downloads documentation, a complete set of images with magnetic resonance, computed tomography, X-ray examination, PET-CT. After the request is sent to the mail of the clinic.

  • Confirmation of visit time. Specialists will read the medical documents, after which the representative of the hospital will contact you. He will inform about the day and time of the visit, the cost of the reception, the name and first name of the doctor. It will take no more than two days to read the client 's documentation;
  • Organization of a trip. After confirming the destination of the visit, the process of organizing a trip for a foreign patient begins. Representatives of the clinic provide comprehensive support for receiving a letter of invitation for a visa, transfer to the airport, from the airport, organization of a place of residence for you and your loved ones;
  • Registration. When the patient stays in Tel Aviv, he needs to meet with representatives of the clinic in person. During the meeting, you will complete several registration documents before visiting the doctor. The patient pays for the reception in full, after which he is sent to a specialist. Standard blood tests, examination, and consultation of a doctor are included in the payment for the first visit.

How to contact Tel Aviv Medical Center

Clinic email address - The telephone for communication with the office is +972 733746844. 24-Hour Customer Support Tel Aviv Medical Clinic - +972523373108 - WhatsApp, Viber. Communication via WeChat is available Sunday through Friday, 7-30 to 22-00, UTC 2 time zone.

The TAMS clinic will provide the client with an interpreter. He will need to wait a little while on the line until the right specialist is found. To avoid additional waiting, it is enough to send a letter with information about the time of the call and the native language. The translator will wait at the specified hour.

Postal address

Tel Aviv Medical Clinic (Palace Medical)

Weizman 14 Street, 1st floor

Tel Aviv, Israel 64239