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Ear, throat, nose separation at Tel Aviv Medical Clinic

Otolaryngology is a medical direction that deals with problems, diseases of the ear, throat, nose. Oncological otolaryngology specializes in the study of cancers, malignant neoplasms.

Diagnostic procedures in otolaryngology

Various modern approaches are used to diagnose pathologies in otolaryngology:

  • With the help of endoscopic equipment, specialists carefully examine affected organs. The presence of malignant tumors is detected at the initial stage of their development. A standard inspection does not allow us to see microscopic centers. The reflector  enables the doctor to examine the posterior part of the nasal cavity, which complicates diagnosis. At the leading Tel Aviv Medical Clinic, endoscopic examination is a mandatory procedure for the determination of pathologies;
  • Use of LOR combine allows using a video camera, microscope for patient examination. It is specialized complex equipment indispensable in the diagnosis of cancers;
  • Nose, nasal sinuses are conveniently examined by ultrasonic testing. It has a higher information value than an X-ray, safe for the body.

Treatment of diseases of otolaryngology

In oncological otolaryngology, specialized procedures are carried out to treat patients. Treatment carried out in the hospital unit includes the following operations:

  • Balloon sinusoplastika;
  • Sinusotomy;
  • Plastic surgery to repair local tissues;
  • Reconstruction of facial zones damaged due to surgery, cancer.

The outpatient department carries out a full range of endoscopic interventions. Specialists remove cystic formations, carry out septoplasty of submucous, polypectomy.

Effective treatment in the Department of Otolaryngology at Tel Aviv Medical Clinic

The advanced Israeli clinic Tel Aviv Medical Clinic is an expert in otolaryngology. At the medical center, there is a specialized department engaged in the diagnosis, treatment of LOR diseases. High-quality specialists have a great experience. They form an individual treatment plan, examinations for each patient of the clinic.

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