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Orthopedics department - advantages, directions

Israeli specialists are among the best experts in orthopedics. This medical direction is continually developing. Doctors take part in international developments of innovative approaches to the treatment of orthopedic diseases. They improve their knowledge, share their experience at significant symposia, conferences.

At the Tel Aviv Medical Clinic, the Department of Orthopaedics formed more than a decade ago. Now it is the largest high-tech center equipped with progressive equipment, comfortable chambers, operating rooms. Doctors of the highest category Tel Aviv Medical Clinic – professionally carry out the diagnosis of patients, successfully treat all orthopedic diseases.

Orthopedics at Tel Aviv Medical Clinic – benefits

A comprehensive approach to treatment, development of an individual rehabilitation plan, the formation of a diagnostic program allows restoring the musculoskeletal system of patients after severe diseases, injuries. In the medical center:

  • Inpatient treatment of patients is carried out;
  • Provide outpatient surgical care;
  • Rehabilitation of patients is carried out;
  • Practice prosthetics;
  • Rid of orthopedic pathologies of congenital, acquired type.

Every doctor of Tel Aviv Medical Clinic has the specialized training, clinical experience, massive baggage of knowledge in the field of orthopedics. Specialists research the field of children ‘s, sports medicine, traumatology, oncology, endo prosthetics. Leading orthopedic surgeons attract specialized specialists if necessary. Doctors of the clinic are surgically restored knees, ankle joints, spine, elbow joints, hands.

List of widespread procedures

Most patients go to the clinic when there is pain, discomfort. An accurate diagnosis can only be made based on a careful diagnosis. Several cases are individual, a plan of operational intervention, procedures, is developed for a particular patient. Tel Aviv Medical Clinic performs:

  • Replacement of knee, hip joints by surgical means;
  • Removal of bones on feet;
  • Arthroscopy, a biopsy of neoplasms;
  • Fixation of the spine through the posterior access;
  • Treatment of curvature, deformation in limbs, knee joints;
  • Reconstruction of acromial-clavicle joints, shoulders after injuries, fracture;
  • Restoration of the ligament apparatus of the knee, shoulder joint after rupture;
  • Amputation, shoulder replacement, and other manipulations.

Orthopaedics Department at Tel Aviv Medical Clinic

The department is equipped with highly technical, super-accurate equipment, allowing doctors to carry out complex operations without complications and risks. Specialists use progressive methods of treatment, complex therapy, innovative rehabilitation programs.

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