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Urology Department - advantages, directions

Urology is a medical direction that studies pathogenesis, etiology of some diseases. Urologist specialization – urinary system, male sex system, adrenal disorders, pathological processes of retroperitoneal space. Specialists carry out the diagnosis of diseases, develop a program of restoration of organ work. Reproductive health is in the field of urological direction. The urologist detects the pathologies of the urinary system, enuresis, prostate.

Visiting a specialist is not only necessary for men. The urologist is approached by children, women with fimosis, cystitis, bladder stones, enuresis, urolithiasis.

Procedures, diagnostics in the urology department

The Israeli clinic Tel Aviv Medical Clinic is equipped with high-quality equipment. It allows accurate diagnosis of the problem, formation of an optimal set of manipulations for the treatment of the disease. Leading specialists of the medical center perform the following procedures:

  • Diagnosis, treatment of infectious diseases;
  • Percutaneous, aspiration puncture of the renal cyst;
  • Thin-needle biopsy of prostate glands, kidneys;
  • Radical resection of prostate glands in the development of oncological diseases;
  • Peritoneal dialysis, hemodialysis in renal failure;
  • Endoscopic, cold ureter resection, urethra;
  • Bladder excision in cancer development using high-tech equipment.

This is not a complete list of manipulations carried out in the Israeli center. Individually, the specialist selects the optimal treatment technique.

Symptoms of disease – when to go to a urologist?

If there are pains in the lumbar, the lower part of the abdomen, in the groin area, you should contact the urologist. If the following symptoms accompany pain, it can signal serious illness:

  • Frequent urination, incontinence, burning, itching;
  • Skin spills, ulcers;
  • Painting, the appearance of a raid on the foreskin;
  • Specific allocations;
  • Pain during urination.

Department of Urology at Tel Aviv Medical Clinic

Israel ‘s leading specialists have been studying and researching urology for more than a decade. They actively participate in international symposia and conferences. During the work of the clinic, doctors helped thousands of patients to get rid of the most challenging diseases forever. A progressive approach to treatment, based on innovative developments, state-of-the-art technologies, allows specialists to achieve enormous success.


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