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Brain Injury Rehabilitation Department

Many people experience a brain injury. They can get damaged during sports, accidents, work process. However, it must be remembered that proper rehabilitation is the key to the successful recovery of every patient. Traumatic brain injury – damage to the bones of the skull and soft tissues (meninges, nerves, brain, blood vessels) simultaneously or separately from each other.

A person may experience the following symptoms of injury: headache, ringing in the ears, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, fainting, amnesia. Qualified specialists of the Israeli clinic Tel Aviv Medical Clinic will help you cope with serious pathology. Our employees have trained annually at leading research centres. We use unique rehabilitation methods and modern equipment. The wards of our department are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay of patients. The clinic has established rates at the state level. Thus, you get quality services at an affordable price.

Features of rehabilitation

In our rehabilitation department, recovery is comprehensively approached: in addition to a neurologist, physiotherapist and exercise therapy doctor, a psychotherapist, psychologist, ophthalmologist, chiropractor, massage therapist and other narrow specialists are involved with the patient. We are located in Israel and are ready to help everyone in effective rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation takes place individually: some patients need to restore motor skills, and some need to get rid of headaches, improve sleep, etc. The doctor selects a set of procedures based on the tasks that are in front of him. 

Rehabilitation is divided into several periods: 

  • Early: 2-5 days after the injury. The doctor determines the severity of the injury, its possible consequences and the presence of complications.
  • Intermediate: 5-30 days after injury. The tasks of rehabilitation are to train the vestibular apparatus, to restore mobility to the limbs, if necessary, to reduce spasticity.
  • Late recovery: 1-4 months after injury. If necessary, the patient continues therapy, but the intensity of the load, as well as the medications, are taken, can be changed by the doctor.
  • Residual: up to two years after injury. During this period, the main functions are usually restored, but if the patient still experiences any difficulties, the doctor continues to work with the patient, restore motor skills, speech, fine motor skills.

Thus, the specialists of our clinic manage to help the patient return to an active lifestyle after receiving brain injuries.


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