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Neurological Rehabilitation Department

Due to the availability of new scientific, theoretical, and practical bases based on the use of innovative approaches to patient recovery, rehabilitation after surgery has become less stressful. In specialized, progressive clinics, there is a rehabilitation department, where a group of different specialists works with patients. Comprehensive recovery after neurosurgical operations requires constant attention, focus on results, support of professionals.

Who needs rehabilitation

For most people, any surgical intervention in the body is stress. The help of an experienced specialist is necessary for patients who:

  • Stroke, traumatic brain injury;
  • The trauma of the spine, spinal cord, surgery in this area;
  • Have undergone neurosurgical intervention of any complexity;
  • were in a coma;
  • Suffered from brain diseases;
  • Received non-traumatic damage to the central nervous system;
  • Suffered from diseases affecting the peripheral, central nervous system.

Only experienced doctors will be able to properly build a rehabilitation program and provide comfortable conditions for them.

How is recovery after neurosurgery

Most patients begin the behavior of rehabilitation procedures, continuing to undergo a course of postoperative radiation therapy or chemotherapy. Neurosurgery is a complex process. He has prescribed x-ray studies, magnetic resonance imaging, and other examinations to monitor the patient’s condition in the recovery process. During rehabilitation, the specialist pursues two main goals:

  • To restore the lost functions of the patient, to adapt him to the postoperative life;
  • Prevent the recurrence of neoplasm by constantly monitoring the patient’s condition.

Comprehensive rehabilitation

To conduct a comprehensive, active recovery of the patient, an interdisciplinary team of specialists is going to. It consists of: 

  • Rehabilitologist;
  • Therapist;
  • Physiotherapist;
  • Occupational therapist;
  • Speech therapist.

In the course of joint work, doctors restore the musculoskeletal system, excellent motor skills, coordination, memory, and other skills of the patient.

Rehabilitation at Tel Aviv Medical Clinic

The Israeli specialist’s Tel Aviv Medical Clinic gathered the best specialists with high qualifications, extensive experience. For ten years of work, they returned to regular life thousands of patients after complex neurosurgical operations. Comfortable conditions of stay, advanced recovery techniques, and high-class equipment helped people restore their health. Patients continuously monitored, doctors, modern equipment carefully monitor their health status.

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