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Office of the Mammology

In modern practical medicine, there is a section that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases. Specialization occurred after a surge of conditions in which breast neoplasms were detected. As in gynecology, in mammology, patients are exclusively women. Pathological tumors in the chest appear unexpectedly and require immediate medical intervention.

To ensure that the treatment is successful, it is desirable to diagnose the disease at an initial stage. Unfortunately, not all women are conscious of their health and undergo annual preventive examinations. Given the lack of apparent symptoms at an early stage, breast cancer still holds a leading position among diseases.

Factors and symptoms characteristic of mammalogical diseases

Vigilance is necessary to begin timely treatment and avoid irreversible consequences, including death. And for this purpose it is required to be more attentive to the body and to respond in time to the detrimental changes taking place in it:

  • Diseases of the urogenital system.
  • Liver dysfunction.
  • Probable seal in the area of mammary glands, feeling discomfort, and chest pain.
  • Highlight from nipples.
  • Breast injuries.
  • Constant stress that caused hormonal disorders.
  • Family presence of relatives diagnosed with cancer.

What are the reasons for contacting a mammologist

Some signals force the woman not to ignore the problem, but to cut out her free time at last, and to undergo a full examination in the mammology department.

  • Deformed nipple and changing breast shape.
  • Enlarged lymph nodes in the axillary region.
  • Color-modified skin.
  • Previously available chest cyst.

It is not uncommon for mammologists to send patients who have suffered domestic violence or who have fallen into a difficult life situation. Such women are looking for salvation in a crisis organization, where a psychologist will work with them, and if necessary, and specialized specialists. The Women ‘s Care Centre shelters them, helps them survive the crisis, and starts treatment if there is some evidence to do so. Therefore, the mammology department works closely with the crisis center, leaving women alone with their pain and distress.

Mammology Department at the Israeli Medical Centre

The country ‘s leading Tel Aviv Medical Clinic is equipped with the most modern equipment, which helps to diagnose mammalogical diseases as accurately as possible and to develop the most effective treatment technique. Highly qualified specialists are sensitive and aware to their patients, find an individual approach to each woman, carefully examine and apply the most effective and safe treatment technologies.

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