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Dentistry for babies, children, and teenagers

Dentistry for babies, children, and teenagers

Leading Israeli hospital Tel Aviv Medical Clinic specializes in working with children and teenagers. Our specialists provide a full range of preventive and curative measures. Our department equipped with the latest equipment, which allows the use of unique methods of therapy. Our employees annually raise their level of skills and know-how to find an approach to each child. We surround each little patient’s care and attention.

A healthy smile is key to the body’s health and happiness for parents. Compliance with the rules of hygiene of the oral cavity, regular preventive check-ups, and timely diagnosis and treatment of dental caries – will provide a healthy and beautiful smile of your baby.

When it is necessary to apply to the pediatric dentist?

The first visit to a specialist should be done for about two years. During this time, the child formed by a set of milk teeth, and the doctor can detect the violation and prevent its development.

The clinic Tel Aviv Medical Clinic, our medical staff, will make every effort to have your child felt cozy and comfortable during a visit to a specialist. Our doctors have vast practical experience and find a common language with even the most finicky little patients. All the medical staff received specialized training and knew the modern methods of psychological preparation of children.

In our children ‘s dentistry department, the child will not be bored. During the procedure, you can watch your favorite cartoons or listen to music. Dental treatment can be carried out under anesthesia if the baby is very nervous about the procedure. At the same time, our specialists use only the safest and mildly acting agents, which do not cause a side effect after waking up.

Treatment of any disease is engaged in a children’s dentist. 

Our professionals help children to cope with such pathologies:

  • Dental caries;
  • Pulpitis;
  • Gingivitis;
  • Periodontitis;
  • Stomatitis.

Our doctors will conduct any treatment of dental diseases as painlessly and efficiently, making the visit to the clinic comfortable for both child and parents.

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